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What some parents have to say:
"If I knew of a camp where both my kids could go and focus more on drama and art, something that
both of them love, they would be there!" - Brenda (single mother of two children)

"My son went to basketball camp last year because "we" felt that it would be good for him. Well, it was very expensive an
Jeremy ended up asking to leave early. If we had known about LPA's Summer Camp with the Arts, he would have begged us
to send him" - Shanata M.

"My older son is really athletic, his younger brother is more, well, a lover of music... totally so! Having a camp that he
can excel and learn what he loves is so good. I can't wait to tell him." - Ashley H
Legacy Pointe Academy's Summer Camp wIth the Arts is one of the most unique and exciting camps in Marietta. Our objective is to bring experienced professionals from 5 of the Art disciplines: Drama, Song, Fine Arts, Instrumental, and Creative Writing to the camp to work with your child(ren). The week is designed to allow all enrolled children to experience each of the disciplines. This amazing week concludes on Celebration Friday with an amazing talent contest and presentation of awards and recognition. By the way, all parents are always encouraged to come and be part of Celebration Friday!

This format allows for your child to attend additional weeks if they would like to. The subsequent week(s) enrollment allow more focused time for your child in a specific discipline i.e Drama or guitar. This provides additional experience and training for those who wish to take advantage of it.

We are extremely proud and excited about our Summer Camp With the Arts program. In a time when the arts are being eliminated from public and private schools, Legacy Pointe Academy has made it one of our core commitments to make the arts available to as many children in our communities as possible. Our experience has shown us the children's lives can and do change with the right opportunity.
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