About Legacy
Point Academy

Our Mission

Every element of the Legacy Pointe Academy experience has been designed to nurture your child’s mental, physical, emotional and social growth in preparation to move to the next level. Rather than force a child into a particular fine art, over a period of time, we introduce them to each of the arts and observe what they choose.

Then creative learning really begins…

Age Specific Learnings

Legacy Pointe Academy offers a range of age specific classrooms with age appropriate learning, allowing your child to develop social and academic skills necessary to go to the next level of his or her development. We offer Pre-K classes as well as Special 4 year old pre-K and Special 3 year old pre-K classes. Our warm and inviting “homelike” environment enables your child to feel secure in this fun filled creative atmosphere.

Secure Environment

Our center is designed with your child’s utmost security in mind, from the playground to each individual learning center. We use state of the art Procare for our security system. Parents are given a personalized keypad entry code for the front door and then once inside, use a touchpad fingerprint system for verification. This ensures that only designated family and friends can be allowed to drop off or pick up your child. In the event of an emergency, our center is designed for quick and easy access to all exits. We also have a designated windowless area for use in case of inclement weather.

Our Teachers Make the Difference

Our warm, energetic teachers and caregivers make all the difference at our daycare. We hire staff who have a true passion for working with young children. Teachers form close bonds with students and get to know each child’s unique personality and learning style. This helps them provide tailored care and instruction.All staff are fully qualified with credentials in early childhood education. They receive ongoing training in best practices. We emphasize hands-on learning, using praise and encouragement, and creating a positive environment where every child feels included.Teachers lead art, music, movement, and discovery activities. They read stories, sing songs, and make learning fun. Outdoor time and exercise are incorporated into each day. Our teachers are always coming up with creative new ways to engage children’s bodies, minds, and imaginations.Our devoted teachers are the heart of our daycare. Their passion, experience, and education help children thrive in a caring, cheerful environment.

Soothing Environment

The background music is also carefully selected for each age group. For example, the music in the infant/toddler room is mostly classical music. This genre of music is extremely calming and serves as a great backdrop for free times and nap times.

Colorful Interiors

The decor in our Academy has been carefully selected. The colors we utilize are bright yet calming. You will see that we also control the amount of materials on the walls. In our experience, less is better. Our objective is to allow the different arts to become the foundation that stimulates each child’s interest and growth rather than a great amount of activity on the walls and windows.

Nutritious Meals

We are extremely Nutrition conscious: We have each of our menus reviewed and approved by the Nutritional Aid Network for Children. We prepare all meals in our own kitchen. Nutritious and balanced meals, including snacks, are planned to help your child stay focused as well as to help him or her learn to develop healthy eating habits.

Excellent Care and Learning Through Play

Research has shown that children learn best through play. That’s why our center provides a warm, nurturing environment where children can explore, create, and have fun while developing important skills.Our staff takes an active role in guiding your child’s development through a balance of child-led free play and teacher-directed activities. Children are encouraged to engage in pretend play, build with blocks, do arts and crafts, enjoy stories and songs, and play outside. These enjoyable activities help promote cognitive, physical, social, and emotional growth.In addition to lots of playtime, we provide nutritious meals and snacks to fuel young bodies and minds. Nap time gives children a chance to recharge. Our small class sizes and low teacher-to-student ratios ensure plenty of individual attention and care.At our daycare, you can feel confident leaving your little one in a safe, stimulating environment. We partner with parents to help each child thrive and build the foundation for a lifelong love of learning. Contact us today to learn more about our excellent care and learning through play philosophy.

Educational Curriculum

We incorporate proven educational methods into our curriculum at an age-appropriate level. Even our toddlers and preschoolers work on foundational academic and social skills through play.We use the latest techniques like scaffolding to gradually build on what children already know. Our teachers ask questions and provide hands-on learning tools to develop reasoning, literacy, STEM concepts, and more.Learning centers allow kids to explore subjects like science, math, and art. Circle time reinforces social skills as children sing songs, listen to stories, and participate together. Outdoor play encourages large motor development and an appreciation of nature.The curriculum aligns with state early learning guidelines. We track each child’s growth and customize our lessons. Portfolios showcase your child’s progress with samples of artwork and other accomplishments.Our stimulating curriculum gives your child an advantage, preparing them for kindergarten and setting them up for a lifetime of learning success. Children thrive in our encouraging, educational environment.

Eco-Friendly Practices

We utilize Green Seal Certified and USDA Biopreferred Certified cleaning and sanitizing products throughout the center. And we teach the “three R’s”: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!